Friday, July 22, 2011

Taco party at WLHQ in San Diego, CA USA!

Watson Posse in full effect. These dude make some of the best skateboards in the world.

Sergio, Frank, Tom and Hugo.

Mariano taking a break.

Ignacio and Javier.

Sergio is a master silkscreen artist.

Benjamin, Christobol, Juanito and Francisco.

Joey and Fernando getting some tacos!


Pedro, Fernando, Sammy, Saul, Poncho, Cookie and Daniel.

Arnulfo really kicking it. Master skateboard craftsman.

Master Heat Trans Applicator, Geraldo.

Boards we have made.

Geraldo, Marty, Joey and Jose.

2011 Go Skateboarding Day Poster!

Art by the epic Jim Phillips. Printed by hand silk screened by Watson Laminates USA.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buddy Carr Skateboards...

From Buddy Carr...

Hi guys,

Attached are images of our Velocita board produced by YOU ...and now on a 5 month museum show in Torino Italy.
This is the only skateboard in the entire exhibition.

We were stoked to be invited to participate.

Have a great day.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tony Alva Power Station!

Tony comes by on a regular basis. Picking up Power Station decks with Mike Early Pool King Collab. Damon sneaks in the shot!

Imperial Party!

Jason Carney, Jim Johnson and Ed Dominick. Jason rode for Maple and Ed ran imperial.

Ed brought his kids for a tour.

Kien Donger Leiu Invincible Skateboards

Kien Leiu, a long time San Diego proper skateboarder and former Dynasty brand manager that was out of Imperial Distro which was owned by Charlie Watson which is Watson Laminates. Whew! He has a special project in the works called Invincible Skateboards.

The line up.

Working with Watson's Damon Mills on shapes.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Made in California Watson Los Angeles Times

Watson Laminates featured in the Los Angeles Times Business section. Made in California or "Still" Made in California was the context. Why because Watson Laminates is one of couple 70's generation skateboard manufacturer still in operation today in San Diego, Ca, USA. That's right!

Click here to see article.
By Ron White. Published 3/11/11.