Friday, July 22, 2011

Taco party at WLHQ in San Diego, CA USA!

Watson Posse in full effect. These dude make some of the best skateboards in the world.

Sergio, Frank, Tom and Hugo.

Mariano taking a break.

Ignacio and Javier.

Sergio is a master silkscreen artist.

Benjamin, Christobol, Juanito and Francisco.

Joey and Fernando getting some tacos!


Pedro, Fernando, Sammy, Saul, Poncho, Cookie and Daniel.

Arnulfo really kicking it. Master skateboard craftsman.

Master Heat Trans Applicator, Geraldo.

Boards we have made.

Geraldo, Marty, Joey and Jose.

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  1. Stoked on Watson, so glad you guys do what you do! Keep on keepin' on and long may you run!